Can you survive the bullets?

This is a run and gun side-scroller game, where you face with a lot of enemies and must survive until the end. Bullets are scarce, health are precious. You can respawn but bullets and armor are not. So try to be conservative with the bullets.

Made this game in 12 days using Godot. Haven't tested for Linux, so please let me know if you found any bugs.

A or Left Arrow -> Run Left
D or Right Arrow -> Run Right
W or Up arrow -> Point Gun UP
S or Down arrow -> Crouch
SPACE -> Jump
J -> Shoot
K -> Respawn
L + Left/Right Arrow -> Sprint
Esc -> Pause and Upgrade Menu

Thank you for all artists who made the sprites, sound, fonts, and music available for free on

Main Sprite
Enemy Sprite
Menu Music
Music: Ludum Dare 28 - Track 8


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TheMerc - 51 MB
TheMerc - 52 MB

Development log


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way too unnecessarily hard!

Can i get the source code?

Where is the key for the second gate in Level one? I assume it's inside the big monster (the one that spawns smaller ones), but it seems invincible. I tried shooting at it and luring it onto spikes, but nothing even damaged it.


Yaaaaaay, softlocks!

It's not invincible. You need to kill it first :)
Bullets can be purchased.

Thanks for playing.

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But I can't kill it cuz I can't reach it

It's not moving

I Cannot buy anything in the upgrade

You need to kill enemies and get coins first before purchasing.